Thursday, February 20, 2014

from the fall 2014 RTW - by far

is at work with everything pretty much done. strolling around and these beautiful fabrics, patterns, cuttings are just beyond amazing. somehow made me want to go thrifting and I WILL. also currently into make-up products and that's pretty much it. tomorrow is friday and the hunt for cute fabrics is on!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

chosing HER

i just realized how long i haven't been doing this. working has been my main focus and i really have fun at work. i'm surrounded by cool positive people that i just no longer take pictures of what i wear. i have to admit that i have had smaller interest in doing this, you know, posting of what i wear and what i do. but i'm in a state where i need creative outlets, i've been doing some random writings and there's a tentative project ahead, but maybe i can post the outfit post between these days.

what's new is i'm actually very focused to commit on daily exercise, to keep my mind and body positive. there is nothing like a glowing aura and energy. and besides, i need tons of energy with what i'm doing now. hey, i think a movie topic sounds pretty nice.

i've been watching couple of movies lately but i have to say that HER is my favorite. spike jonze really did a great job with HER. the casting people did a marvelous job, as well. it is very color coordinated and the mood of the movie really comes alive. i was quite disappointed with sophia coppola's bling ring (as it is way too up-front) and harmony korine's spring breakers (as it is too impossible to happen [last scene when two girls shot and killed everyone in their bikinis] and it's not even a sci-fi movie), and HER is just outstanding.

dallas buyer's club is another favorite. i mean, i adore jared leto for so long. but his acting as rayon is a great work everyone should pay respect on. he was totally into the character that i didn't look at him as the jared leto in real life during the movie. his gestures are all about rayon and it's rayon without the jared leto that i know. great performance by leto! but overall, the movie feels a bit draggy in some parts.

i've watched inside llewyn davis, the wolf of wall street, the life and times of walter mitty and american hustle as well, and still look forward to watch august: osage county. mitty has an easy-to-be-absorbed powerful message and i love the scenes, plus i got to watch it with the boyf who also owns a longboard, but i have to say that my heart belongs to HER.

if you haven't gotten the chance to watch HER, i recommend you to. that is all i guess, it's been raining and i would really love to enjoy the sun again, even if that means i have to wear more spf.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

because believers never die

last night, after the 6 year waiting, i have finally witnessed the band that is very close to my heart once again. i've gotten so far away from 6 years back. i have listened to more and more music and i'm proud to say that i's very diversified. i fell in love with the band the first time from 'sugar we're going down'. at that moment, my music knowledge wasn't as broad as it is now and what they did was pretty weird and interesting. since that moment, the spirit of their lyrics has been so close to my heart. it has gotten me through a lot of challenges. a very good friend of mine who has a degree in psychology, made a research of music and as the result, the research states that music has great connection with humans because it relates us with certain moments, feelings and people. that's what fall out boy has done to me. there are many personal memories which attached so strongly in my life. one of it is the fact that the band has been one of the glues of me and sisty. fall out boy reminds me of how friendship is the best cure of all broken hearts, how its been challenged and won over all of the obstacles. 

i'm telling you honestly, music-wise, i'm enjoying a very different sound than the band's sound. it's not deviated, it's just getting richer and richer. i even dare to say that i'm surrounded by the best musicians who may have more skills and knowledge than the band. that is one thing for sure. but for me, if i didn't get the chance to be introduced to the band, i probably wouldn't be this open-minded to different kinds of music. being introduced to fall out boy gets me to recognize other great musicians because the band has their own favorites and as i get to know them better, i also get to know the music world better. if it wasn't for my fan-girling obsession over the band, i wouldn't strived to be in the music industry when it first came outside my door.

the littlest thing the band would do to me is of course, the introduction of new vocabularies. that's the power of music! i'm proud to say that i'm a natural. no course, no nothing. only in schools. music helps me a lot and with the spirit of each lyrics i listen to, it can only get better. fall out boy has impacted my life in so many ways, and it's not necessarily because of the music. it's because their existence as they are, together as fall out boy and as individuals, has given me broader perspectives as a being. as steve jobs once said, 'when you touches someone's heart, it becomes limitless'. that is exactly what they have done in me.

i might have known and acknowledged better music and better musicians, but the heart chooses something the brain can't always control. nothing can take away the moments, feelings and people which mean the most in life. i guess that's also the spirit of 'save rock and roll' when we take away the meaning per se. save something that we believe in, even when people have different point of views, even when everything seems to be against it. in the end, that's the greatest treasure of music, when it touches you in the heart, in its collateral ways with life.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

owing myself one

bag & necklace:SOLO; shoes:new look, everything else:unbranded

i need me some fine break.

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