Saturday, September 20, 2014

night flower

one of the many nights. i thought. i should bring the flower because it, simply, makes me happy. it is important to recognize the small things that bring happiness in our lives. i've been drowned by work and would love, so much, to take a break although that may not be visible and realistic until the end of the year. i have been focusing a lot at work and honestly, i miss my friends. i miss my girls.

top:nikicio; unbranded skirt & bag; shoes:forever21; glasses:tom ford

captured and edited by: @emrizkiaditya

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

this korean gem

i don't usually drawn into korean boys. well, previously, just for some particular names like g dragon and jo in sung *peacesign* but this one though. THIS ONE. is exceptionally handsome. his body figure, pointy nose, jaw line and the fact that he is a scorpio. i seem to can't turn my eyes off of him. oh and anyway, in case you don't know, he is lee dong wook. i have completed watching hotel king and scent of a woman and continuing to follow roommate. oh, he is just so handsome. super handsome.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

shaping up

top: nikicio; loafers: amanda james; bag: m)phosis

first attempt to try to keep up with this blog. these were taken nights ago when i was out with boyf and told him 'it's been a while that we haven't had a photo session together for the blog'. fortunately, he was with his camera, so the photos are here. i've been trying to keep my shape and now focusing on legs and butt workout. watching various videos on youtube really helps, though and trying to balance it with eating right anndd drink loads of water. my theory is that we are the ones who know our bodies well, so everyone may have different workouts that fit them properly. my best tip is to actually watch the growth of your muscle, so you can always monitor your shape. some workouts don't fit others the way they fit some, so try to alternate your exercise to build your muscles. if you want to lose weight, i must say that consistency is the key, both doing cardio and choose your food. cut sodas and sugar as the start. maybe one day, i'll be able to post my bikini body. haha. have a great day, everyone!

all photos by: @emrizkiaditya

Saturday, June 14, 2014

the long gone

i wish i could feel more guilty not to update the blog as i wanted (read: promised). but the fact is, i have very limited time to even remember that i have somewhat responsible to continue what i have started. but i'm trying now. i have retrieved so far back from the virtual world and have been really concentrated with the pretty much more 'real' life. i guess a view photographs won't hurt, they were taken back in march in a pretty venue in BSD (the breeze) called 'chakra'. so if you live nearby, make sure you stop by.

all photos are taken by @emrizkiaditya

oh and on the other side of life, i'm trying to live more healthy by watching over what i'm consuming and try to be as committed as possible to daily exercise routine. since i can't do running, i walk twice a week and do home exercises. living healthy improves my mood, i must say.

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